Leeds train cleaners welcome chart of demands


Leeds train station cleaners have welcomed the announcement of the RMT national campaign, ‘pay justice for cleaners’ which includes a new cleaners charter that outlines a list of pay conditions for the country’s railway cleaner’s.

ISS workers based at the Leeds train station have already attended a number of strike actions organised by RMT over the past 12 months, and hope the orchestration of the pay justice for cleaners campaign, will lead to the end of what the RMT and its members feel is a pay scandal.

Michael Carr an ISS employee based at Leeds station. He spoke to Loiners Eye about his personal frustration with his current pay conditions.

“We are outraged at the way we are being treated by our employers ISS, we are the lowest paid rail workers in the country and considering we are cleaning East coast trains which is a state ran service we feel we should be awarded a wage which is fare and rewards us for the service we provide as workers”.

Michael describes his current wage as a “waste of time” that fails to cover his ever-increasing monthly outgoings, Michael quotes.

“It is becoming more and more difficult to get by each month , everything has gone up whilst our wage has stalled at six pound an hour, Cameron and them in Westminster need to intervene and practice what he has been preaching saying workers will be rewarded by proving us right and forcing these private contractors into paying us what we deserve.”

Some of the proposals included in the newly launched cleaners charter seek a new wage living allowance that pays a minimum of £7.50 per hour rising to £10 per hour depending on duties performed and time served. Other increases include fairer pay for night workers and track cleaners who are faced with a number of unpleasant cleaning duties, including the removal of suicide victims remains on the East Coast line.

Loiners Eye spoke to Jeff Martin press officer for the RMT, Jeff claims one of the most critical points outlined in the new cleaners charter is the need for abolishing the use of outside contractors such as ISS who Jeff states.
“pay as little as legally allowed in order to increase profits.”

The RMT and its members hope state ran services such as East coast act swiftly by bringing the employment of train cleaners in-house.

Derek England RMT union representative for the East coast staff quotes.

“These cleaners are part of the railway workers community it is time we at East Coast started to recognize the importance of these railway workers and help to force change to the pay and conditions that the cleaners currently endure, as it is far from satisfactory.”

The following few months are sure to present anxious times for the Leeds railway cleaners with tax credit cuts, train fair rises and the cost of social housing rent expected to rise. It is clear that the Leeds railway workers are in desperate need of a financial reward for their continued endurance in such economic hardship.


About loinerseye

A trainee student journo who works for a Leeds rail company and on a daily basis hears of the current struggles leeds people are enduring in the workplace due to poor pay and daily struggles they encounter due to the high cost of living and travel.
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    Clearly action needs to be taken in some form either by the government or Network Rail and train lines such as East Coast. The train cleaners do jobs many of us would struggle to adapt to and it is only fare in a time where the cost of living is rising rapidly that these workers are payed a monthly wage that allows them to live in a way that rewards their hard work.

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