Council hits the road to promote new Leeds housing set up

Leeds city Council, held seven road shows across the City promoting their plans for a newly constructed housing organization.

The Council claim a single organization, to run all of the Leeds city Council housing service will improve the organization, in all departments.

Tenants currently renting Council homes were sent a booklet by the housing body during February, that outlines two options currently being analyzed by the Council.

The booklet named “Your home your say”, details the proposals which include the first option , of a single housing organization run solely by the Leeds city Council. The second option offered consists of a single independent Almo , that would control all of Leeds Council housing.

Tenants are asked to fill out a survey provided in the booklet and online, which will enable the Council to gain an understanding of which option is best suited for the future of Leeds Council Housing.

Loiners eye attended the Kirkgate Market road show, that provided an opportunity to speak to tenants and housing officers.

The housing officers present at the road show were on hand to deal with any querie or concerns Council tenants at the road show may have.

Loiners eye spoke to Ben Marshall, housing officer for East North East homes Leeds , one of the three arms length bodies who currently manage Council homes for Leeds city Council.

Loiners eye asked Ben what he personally felt about the options on offer and the reasons for the proposed change. Ben pointed to Council’s need to save funds, in order to be able to improve current services, and maintain old properties saying.

“The Council feels a single body that has total control of all housing issues across Leeds would be more beneficial for Council tenants in the current economic climate. When the current system was set up in 2006 there were far more available financial resources available to the three bodies involved in the arms length management organization (Almos).

I personally feel the single Almo option would be the best way forward. It would mean housing officers would be able to maintain relationships with residents in their assigned areas and I think this would please some of the tenants as they rely on us as housing officers to deal with any issues they may have.

Financially a single (Almo) would save money that could be used to improve homes that need to be modernised.”

Some tenants such as Karen Sparling present at the road show, feels the changes will lead to more neglect of issues experienced by tenants . Karen claims.

“I don’t see how one organization will be able to deal with issues more sufficiently, as surely this is just creating more work for those that will work for the single organization.

The current system is very good, any issue I have had have been dealt with it’s clearly just another reaction to government cuts.”


About loinerseye

A trainee student journo who works for a Leeds rail company and on a daily basis hears of the current struggles leeds people are enduring in the workplace due to poor pay and daily struggles they encounter due to the high cost of living and travel.
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